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Natural Fruit Purees

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T  H  E   F  R  U  I  T    P   U   R   E   E   S     E  X  P  E  R  T  S


We gather the fruits from the farmers. We clean, peel and crush them to make the fruit puree. Once  it is crushed we add natural sugar cane and we put it in a bottle. Inmediatly it is

placed in a freezer at -0°F.

It is also delivered frozen.

Safety is our commitment. We accomplish all

HACCP steps to guaranteed a high quality product.

Aromas, flavors and fruit fibers are fully kept 


Aseptic Fruit Purees do not need any refrigeration or to be frozen. Once we obtain the puree from the fruit, it is exposed at high temperatures in a short period of time and immediately cooled in order to preserve flavor. This process eliminates most of the microbes that fruit eventually carries.

Average temperature to store is 70°F.

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