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Fruit Purees

What is a Fruit Puree ?

We gather the fruits from the farmers. We clean, peel and crush them to make the fruit puree. Once  it is crushed we add natural sugar cane and we put it in a bottle.

However, aseptic fruit purees does not have cane sugar added. 

Our company is able to make frozen purees with no sugar added on special request.



Does it have any other ingredients different than fruits?

Yes. Frozen purees contain Natural Sugar Cane. It is a natural preservative that helps to keep flavors and essences of the fruits. ASEPTIC PUREES DO NOT CONTAIN SUGAR ADDED,

It also contains Vitamin C that is used to avoid oxidation of the puree. Oxidation is a reaction that takes place when oxygen has access to the puree in this case. This will change the color mostly turning it black if we do not put any Vitamin C on it.

It contains Acidulant as well, which is also a natural preservative that it is found in other fruits like lemons and oranges.  

It does not contain any colorants or artificial preservatives.

Frozen & Aseptic

To freeze fruit purees is one of the ways to keep all the flavors, fibers, nutrients and freshness. However there is another option to handle fruit purees in an easiest way which is with ASEPTIC PUREES.

Each type has its advantages depending on what is crossing your mind when you think in NATURAL fruit purees.

How to Use It?


Thaw it out in the refrigerator, then is ready to use.

Mix with water, any kind of milk or alcoholic beverage.

Suggested Mix: 1 part of puree with 3 parts of water.

Blender use is optional

Keep it refrigerated.

In general, it can be used in any kind of recipes or industrial preparation as well. It is also possible to used it for beer brewing.



This presentation is more for industrial purposes and it depends on what's your preparation about. It is most used for beer brewing, bakery fillings , yogurts, jams, smoothies, beverages, etc...   

What is the shelf life?


1 Year (or more) if you keep it frozen.

30 days refrigerated without open it.

15 days refrigerated after opened


18 months at max 75°F. No need to freeze

3 weeks refrigerated after open. If you have leftovers put it in a different sanitized recipient well sealed avoiding contact with oxygen.

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