This Is What Your Coffee Shop Needs To Be Complete

October 12, 2017


Natural food is booming right now. People are more conscious about the importance of eat and drink healthier than years ago, and stores and businesses are understanding this and are changing with the current market.

Sometimes is not easy to find the right natural product or ingredient for the right price that fits with the type of costumers that your coffee shop is currently receiving. As we know there is an invisible rule here that says : The more natural, the more expensive.

However, our company is able to bring you a Natural Fruit Puree at a fair price. But not just price, but taste, health and, to be direct, profitable. Use it for Natural Drinks, Smoothies, Flavored Iced Teas and more.



If you are in Georgia US, please contact us to set up an appointment to visit you with samples to make a tasting. We show you some ideas and recipes. If you are outside Georgia, please contact your food service distributor and tell them about us.

We distribute directly or, if you prefer, contact your Performance Food Group Manager guy and ask him about PAPAGAYO Natural Fruit Purees.

There's no other product like this in the market.

Please take a look at our exclusive recipes and watch how easy is to be unique with your customers.




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