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October 23, 2017


To have reliable sources of natural ingredients is not an easy job. Sometimes we think is as easy as type in google the name of the ingredient, write an email, and that's it.

Ignored emails, confused overseas phone calls and more failed events can make our search almost impossible.


Thankfully, sources as Papagayo Natural Fruit Purees have covered this kind of issues. From juice and Sweet Teas manufacturers,  Ice Cream manufacturers, Dairy Industry, Candy Manufacturers, and also, Beer Brewers, can have peace of mind when 100% natural fruit purees is a local source.



Not just an office in US, but facilities in Colombia - South America  guarantee a high quality fruit purees. 

Samples service at no cost is also available in order for you to test the product according to your needs.

USDA and FDA approved that make possible the import of a wide range of fruit purees that are becoming popular in US and Canada.




Today, the trendy fruit is Passion Fruit. It is taking off as a mixer for cocktails, to make sauces, and combined with sweet tea. In this cases we are ready to provide the right ingredient for the right moment of the market.








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