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April 30, 2018


What about a cold beer with a tint of mango or guava in the middle of a hot summer?

No matter if you are a big guy in the craft beer world or a small brewery, there are chances to innovate with new flavors for every taste. Those fruity-sparkly beers are a perfect fit in a brunch with friends, meanwhile an IPA with a tangerine glint become a great combination with some snacks at the bar or at home.   


It’s not only the technique on how to do it; it’s also about enjoy what you make and, if you like it, sell it !!

Fruit beers are becoming the trend right now; consumers and new generations ask for new flavors and mixes, giving more possibilities to breweries to develop options in order to supply this market. This tendency acts in favor of the industry because it is attracting new type of costumers to the beer world that in the past wasn’t interested.  


Well, the next step is about source the fruit. You don’t want to put a cheap liquid in you high quality beer in order to make it taste like kool aid IPA. It is about natural and quality fruit purees that imprint a signature of your brand with real flavors.



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