Sweet Tea: New Flavors, New Costumers

May 28, 2018


 Southern style always includes a refreshing Sweet Tea. It has been around for a several years and its fans are growing just as the brands that produce it.

This is the best example how something from the nature reach such a meaning for the culture. However, younger generations always are looking for new things and Sweet Tea is not the exception, where the possibilities to innovate are not finished.




Meanwhile the young people are moving away from carbonated sodas for different reasons, Sweet Tea can be one of the options for them as long as it improves variety of flavors with healthy and natural ingredients that let them experience new exotic fruit bases.  



Natural Fruit purees are the best option for flavoring sweet tea in a natural way. Not just peach, raspberry or lemon which are the classical; Passion fruit, Soursop, Mango or Pineapple can make the difference of your brand with your competence once you are trying to attract new customers and becoming the market leader.


Have you ever think of a Sweet Tea flavored with a mix of strawberry and passion fruit? What about Mango & Lime? Well, creativity is up to you, we got you covered with fruit purees.

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