SweetWater Brewery's Woodlands Project Using The Best Fruit Purees

November 17, 2018

One of the special release by The WOODLANDS CIRCLE in SweetWater Brewery added with Passion Fruit.


Nick Burgoyne, brewer at SweetWater Brewery, has opened the doors to our Purees. In this release from the Woodlands Circle he used our Aseptic Passion Fruit Puree. Along this year we have been talking about the origin and quality of our fruits; flavors and aromas are much higher thanks to the quality of the soil fed by the nutrients that rest in the magical Andes Mountains in Colombia - South America- 


We must highlight that the origin of 80% of Passion Fruits of the world is Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Brazil. However, Colombia's Passion Fruit is the one with the highest quality thanks to the relation between altitude, sun hours, humidity, water and soil rich in volcanic minerals. Happens the same with the other tropical fruits grown there (among others plants :) )  


If you want to have the best taste, you must use the best purees. We know the origin of the fruits, and we only use fresh - never frozen-.


Thanks Nick, we hope to keep working together.


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